Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's happening

Just thought I'd update with what we are doing around here: I just finished making/canning my first blueberry jam. Apparently I need more blueberries because I only got 2 jars. Well, 2 12 oz jars. Guess I should have read the directions before buying the biggest jars I found. Hopefully they'll seal properly. Then I will be confident enough to buy more fruit. Ava has advised me that although she loves blueberries, she does not like blueberry jam. Michaela is running full speed ahead into the "terrible twos." She enjoys high-pitch screaming, hitting, saying no, and screaming a little more. On a brighter note, she's figured out how to say "help," which is nice. Please, help, no, mine, sis, spank, no hit, no bite, no that kid. Ava enjoys talking to herself, making up games, playing with her invisible friends (no names), playing with sis, holding her pee until the absolute last possible moment, eating crackers, figuring out what letter words start with, gallopping around the house, drawing, and planning her 4th birthday party. Today she prayed and thanked God for Adam & Eve...and thank you for God, too.

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