Thursday, August 27, 2009

Extreme Fort

While we are waiting for the gopher wood to build our ark, we thought we'd start with an extreme fort. (for those of you who don't live near me - it's been raining for about 48 hours straight) HOPEFULLY this will keep the girls entertained for the night because I am tired. They've requested "mix bowl"*, Olivia (or "hollalia" in M speak), Little Einstein Instrument Fairies, and I'm trying to talk them into a movie that lasts longer than 20 minutes and does not include "clap clap," "blastoff," or nukker holes. Can't wait until they are old enough for Anne of Green Gables, or Little House on the Prairie. My dear boy scout is at his 4th straight night least he provides us with entertainment when he's here(and not reading up on the latest peat discovery and how it affects scotch made in 1743).
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*Mix bowl: a delightful concoction of cheez-its, goldfish, TJ's cat cookies, little saltines, oyster crackers ("octagon crackers" in Ava-speak) jelly bellies, and whatever else I happen to throw in. This started last week when I made a floor fort and didn't have popcorn. I said, well I just mixed some things together in this bowl. Hence, we have mix bowl. Oh, and it must be served in my wooden salad bowl.


Lisa A. said...

LOVE your blog and I totally want my own!

Jen said...

that is one cool munk hole. a would love it