Friday, April 30, 2010


I am a lawyer.  I ask questions for a living.  I know that most 3 and 4 year olds can ask more questions in a day than an attorney asks in 5 years. (I am also a walking dictionary, but that is another post for another day.)  I am in the third year of answering questions.  Ava likes to talk.  She starts as soon as she gets up in the morning and does not stop until she falls asleep.  Sometimes she even talks in her sleep.  I guess she has a lot to say.  {My sister says it's payback because I talk a lot...anyone talks a lot compared to my sister.}  So, putting together the questions with the non-stop talking, you can pretty much guess how my day goes. I must also add that Ava begins EVERY question with "Mom..." or ""  or "Mom...can I ask you something?"  She says "Mom" at least 1000 times per day.  If she hasn't met her quota, around 8 p.m. or so she starts saying it a bunch of times in a row..."Mommy, mom, momma..." I also have to say "What?" or she repeats the "mom, etc." Here is a sampling of questions asked over the last few days:
  • When are you going to be 60?
  • When were you 16?
  • Why can we only breath on earth?
  • How many planets are there? Me:  9 Her:  Well, Olivia says there are 8. A discussion of poor planet Pluto ensues.  (She knows how many planets there are.  This was a question to trick me, or just "filler."  "Filler" is repeat questions when she doesn't have a new one or nothing pressing to say.)
  • What's the tallest mountain?
  • What's the smallest hill?
  • Why doesn't Jill-Jill have germs?  (Jill-Jill = Auntie Jill.  Ava made up the name "Jill-Jill" when she was about 1, and now that's what most of the nieces/nephews call her.)
  • Does God have germs?
  • Do Satan and his angels live in a lower part of heaven?
  • Why did angels go with Satan?
  • Is Satan a snake?
  • Why is Satan invisible?
  • Can we take a rocket to Neptune?
  • Is Jeni's baby coming out of "here" [pointing to the v-j-j]?  Me:  Yes, she will push out the baby.  Her:  You mean like this [grunting ensues].  Jeni = Auntie Jen  Side-note - about a year ago, Ava was asking how babies "get out."  I gave her an answer that I thought appropriate for a 3 y.o., but she did not accept it. "No, really.   How?"  So, I had her call Jill-Jill (a certified nurse midwife), who explained it with medical precision.
  • Does God have a body?
  • What does 'yoy' spell?
  • What does 'ajlkemi' spell?
  • Why are my eyes grey?
  • Why do earthworms live in the mud?
  • What would I do if I were an octopus?
  • Do you know what the biggest number is?  30569!
  • Will you be dead when you are 100? 
  • When I grow up and go to court, will you drive me?  I will sit in the back in the middle seat.  Will you drive me to Costco, too?
  • Are there spiders in the Maui Rainforest?
  • Do you think that black spider is still under the couch?
  • Do all spiders bite?  Do the spiders in the Maui Rainforest bite? Do tarantulas bite?
  • and the list goes on....
    Yesterday she took a nap (she doesn't nap anymore, although the 2 hours of peace is enjoyable, the late night is not), so she didn't go to sleep until almost 11.  She woke up at 12:30 to go potty - in our bathroom of course.  After advising me that she was not going to flush the toilet, she says, "Did you know that there are 4 planets with rings?"  And then I spent the next 1 1/2 hrs lying in bed trying to remember which planets actually had rings....on to the next day.
      Coming tomorrow:  my tribute to law day. 

      Thursday, April 29, 2010

      Beautiful second daughter

      If I wouldn't have seen her come out of me with my own eyes...I would never believe she's mine (from looking at her, at least). :)  She's been saying to me, "I'm not a baby.  I'm a girl."  Sorry, but you'll always be my baby.  (That is, unless her father changes his mind. . . .)

      Sunday, April 18, 2010

      No more ringing in my ears

      God does sometimes like to bless us with "non-essentials."  I am SO excited that we finally have a new tv!  It doesn't even weigh 300 pounds like our former tv.  Nor does it have a high pitched ringing that started a few weeks back.  The only person more excited than me is my boy.  He's spent the last day scanning for basketball so he could watch it in HD.  Yes, we finally have an HD tv - flat screen. 

      The ringing started a few weeks ago - seriously.  It gave me numerous headaches (and, no, our tv is not on all the time).  I was thinking that maybe we'd use a little of our tax refund to get a small tv until we could afford a big one with all the bells and whistles that my boy dream[ed] of having.  Adding to the mix is the fact that our awesome cable/tv/phone package expires in a few weeks, so we either had to convince our current company to give us something equally outstanding or go elsewhere.  I ended up in a "chat" with a customer service rep from a company that provides all three.  He didn't know what hit him.  (This is why I love the on-line "chat."  Take your time - can do it with kids screaming - can go to the bathroom if needed.)  After 2 hours I had obtained new service AND a HUGE Visa reward card!  Enough for a grand tv.  Now, to make this even better, my boy (who had begun researching tvs before "v" even came out of my mouth when I mentioned the possibility that we may be able to get a really little new one) went to Costco to "get gas" during the cousin sleepover (more on that later).  While "getting gas" he happened to see some tvs.  Uh-oh....Costco accidentally put the wrong price on a really big tv. Not just a big tv (according to Michaela it's a "big huge tv," which is what she calls it), it has the really cool stuff he was looking for...the best pixels, the best screen, the best remote. (Well, just kidding on that last part.)  So, our new tv is courtesy of Costco and our new cable/tv/internet provider.  And, I thank God for blessing us with this because...well, He knows why.

      Wednesday, April 14, 2010

      Party at The Cozy House

      Ultimate Blog Party 2010

      I recently stumbled across this blog party - looks like fun and a great way to find new blogs and new readers!

      I am Amy, and I am a stay-at-home-mommy-part-time-lawyer.  I have been married to my awesome husband for almost 6 years years.  We have 2 girls ages 2 and 4.  We like to do a lot of things, but most of all, we like to be COZY.  Hence, the name of my blog.  The girls love jammies, and they typically ask to change into jammies around 10 a.m. each day.  Since I myself am a lover of all things cozy, I happily oblige...within reason.

      I blog about a lot of different things - mostly tales of my girls.   My 4 year old is quite verbose and says some pretty hilarious things.  Check out the tale of Chicktable. Since I love to read (and recently discovered that I can get books for FREE to review), I'll be doing book reviews - fiction, non-fiction, kids books, Christian books, cook books, etc.  I also occasionally blog about homeschooling, which will greatly increase since we start Kindergarten curriculum in the fall.  I'm sure it will be an interesting adventure. 

      Prizes I would LOVE:

      Toshiba Laptop (grand prize)
      hand-stamped necklace (US6)
      Goodie Basket for mom (US18)

      I know there are a lot more great prizes, but it's happy-nappy time, so I must go.