Sunday, August 30, 2009

How many times....

I'm sitting at the kitchen table exhausted after only 3 hours of sleep thanks to Ava waking up screaming just minutes after I fell asleep around 11...I went to her room to find her bouncing up and down on her bed crying...had to pee...bad. I took her to the bathroom and went back to bed. From there I stared at the clock and watched the minutes click away until I finally went downstairs to catch up on some quality Food Network programming that I had recorded. So, now I am a huge grump, cursing this stupid laptop that I'm using because the cursor keeps jumping into the middle of the paragraph and typing in the wrong spot. The kids won't listen and it makes me wonder how many times I will say the following over the next few years: Ava: "stop jumping on the couch [or bed]" "I didn't ask you if you HAD to go potty. I said go. potty. NOW!" "crackers is not a food group" "stop doing gymnastics on the couch" "stop drinking the bathwater. that's disgusting" Michaela: "get out of the dog food" "stop eating the dog food" "stop feeding the dog" notice a theme here? "stop drinking the bathwater. that's disgusting" Overall they are very good girls. I just wish they would listen to me a little more often. Not to get too deep early in the morning, but many times as I'm yelling at them..."HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU....."I think to myself, that's just how God must feel about correcting me....hmmmm..... Now maybe someone will go get me some Starbucks.

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Adrienne in Ohio said...

I'm catching up on some of your posts, Amy. Thank you for the reminder that God must feel that way about us when we keep getting off track. Now, if I could just keep that thought at the fore-front of my mind, I wouldn't be so tempted to lose my cool when I walk into the kids' bathroom to find the faucet running and the floor covered in water.

Keep writing these down, Amy.