Saturday, August 15, 2009

The deer show

There are deer that live in some woods near our house. They often come to eat off of the crabapple trees right behind our back fence. Tonight we had a good deer show. There's a 10 point buck that visits quite often. I never knew how important this was until I married a man from Michigan - prime hunting grounds. Fortunately, he does not hunt, although he did tell me tonight that that deer has a "prize rack." Hmmm.....that's what he used to tell me.... I posted a few videos on you tube; you can find them by clicking on my movie link to the right. What we didn't get on video was Michaela's excitement about seeing the deer. She was bouncing up and down in Pete's arms making faces and yelling "do doos eat apples! do doos eat apples!" <"do doos" = deer.>

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