Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday....

Happy Friday to the 3 people that are reading this blog. It's a slightly chilly rainy day here in the great midwest. I spent some quality time at depositions this morning. Pete stayed with the girls...played at the park...did daddy stuff. When I got home, I had an e-mail from my neighbor with a funny Ava story. Apparently Pete & the girls met up with my neighbor and her daughter at the park. Ava and "Cici" (what Michaela calls her) are the best of friends. They held hands all the way home from the park.... awww..... Anyway, Ava has this obsession lately with riding the school bus. Obviously she won't since I'm homeschooling. She said that she was not going to ride the school bus when she turns 4. (Everything great will happen when she turns 4...she'll eat vegetables, stop fearing thunder, stop sucking her thumb, but unfortunately, she will not ride the bus.) My neighbor asked if she liked where she went to "school" last year. (A church PDO program that Ava loved and Cici will be attending this year.) Ava said, yes, she loved it. But, alas, she's not going back because she is going to "mamastiks christian preschool" at home. (No she didn't say mamastiks, but I'm trying to keep my last name out of this blog. I do need a little privacy from googlers.) She continued: "I cried." My neighbor asked why. Ava: Because it is SO HARD! Ahh, yes. I am a taskmaster for the 4 y.o. preschool curriculum. On another note, I found out today that one of my favorite college professors passed away this past April. He taught most of my lit classes and could be quite entertaining. He looked exactly like Captain Stubing from the Love Boat...a fact of which I advised him on the last day of Shakespeare class.

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