Thursday, August 6, 2009

Water slides

We had a blast at Coco Key. Ava just loves the water slides. Thanks to Patra and the guys at Sheraton. Of course, I forgot the camera, so we have no pictures. I included one from our last trip. Same things happened this time, too. Well, except for Michaela loading her pants with diarrhea preventing us (me & Michaela) from swimming last night and much of today. Last night I got to relax while Michaela slept and Pete took Ava to the pool and hot tub. She LOVES the hot tub. I got to read my current book Julie & Julia. Michaela doesn't really like the slides yet, anyway, so she had fun chilling with mommy. Pete has another day off tomorrow, so he'll play with the girls while I go to depositions. Good times.

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Adrienne in Ohio said...

Our kids love waterparks. I think it's so smart that more hotels are including waterslides and such. Sorry about Michaela--downtime sounds good too. :)

I'm so happy that your comment thingy is working now!