Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We have a nukker hole!

Ava's imagination is currently on overdrive. She's VERY into "self play" and talks to herself, her little people, her dolls, etc. for hours on end. She makes up games, does voices, and is just a riot to listen long as she does not know you are listening. If she notices you are listening, or if you make a comment about what she's doing, she gets really embarrassed and stops playing. Currently her favorite show is Dragon Tales. Generally her "favorites" rotate on a monthly basis, but this one has stuck around for a while. A few days ago the "tree people" from the Village cut down the tree across the street. That provided at least an hour of entertainment. Once it was down Ava declared, "We have a nukker hole!" and then waited for dragons to come out. For those who have never had the delight of watching Dragon Tales...there's a 2 headed Dragon - one is Zak the other is Wheezie. Zak & Wheezie live in a "nukker hole" which looks very much like a tree stump. Ava has mentioned on several occasions that the men chopped down a tree because it was sick and stopped we have a nukker hole. She was talking about it the other day, so Pete & I "joined in" her game. Her response, "Mom. You know this is just pretend. There is really no such thing as a nukker hole." Like totally duh mom. Today she was walking down the stairs with Miss Jacki and says, "Miss Jacki. Did you know we have a nukker hole across the street?"......... Oh, Ava. (And Miss Jacki's comment to me was that she knew she was in trouble when on her first day babysitting Ava said, "snow is frozen precipitation.") As for Michaela...she pulls at her eyelids because it grosses me out. I tell her to stop, she laughs and does it more. Now she yells, "" until I look at her...and she pulls her eyelids. My question: Why is a 20 month old calling me mom? What happened to mommy? or mama?

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