Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Daddy We Trust.....

One of the many magazines I read is Family Fun. It often has some cute craft ideas, so I like it. One tip in a recent magazine was from a mom who uses daddy money to encourage her kids to get ready for school on time. Her kids are older (pre-teens, I think), so they use it for things like sleep-overs, bonfires, and other "treats." That got me thinking.... I really need to start something like that for Ava. She doesn't need the real money yet, but fake money would be great. She'll earn her daddy dollars by doing her schoolwork, cleaning up her toys/room, kindness, and overall good behavior. She will most likely be spending all of her dollars on episodes of Little Einsteins (the show de jour). I've never had a problem with my kids watching TV. It has been my experience that watching has really increased her vocabulary (Ava's been talking in sentences since well before 12 months). I do monitor what she watches and limit it, but this will make watching The Glass Slipper Ball a little more enjoyable.

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cinnamonkiss said...

This is definitely a super fun idea to motivate the kids! Another site I like is — where you can buy the custom bucks in bulk. I'm thinking this would be awesome for advertising the next garage sale:)