Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This and that

I really wish I had something earth-shattering or witty to say, but, I don't. I've been pretty busy and trying to work a lot lately, but here's the latest happenings: * I had my 2 lower wisdom teeth pulled last Tuesday. Today I took my first vicodin. Ahhh...very nice. :) Pete had his popcorn stuff all last week, so he was out late most nights. Hence, I stuck with Motrin, as I was worried that the vicodin would make me very did. * Ava has started her terrible 2, Ava, you are 4 now. We don't do that! Ava yells out the window, "I'm 4 and I know it...know it...know it." She is also OBSESSED with ants. Is there sugar in this peanut butter? cracker? sucker? milk? What if milk is on my lip, will the ant try to get it? We will now be adding science curriculum to 4 y.o. preschool at Stikovich Christian Preschool - beginning with ants and spiders. I may even get an ant farm. ha ha. * Michaela is very chatty. She's a parrot. "Spwowt Pwease!" "P-uh-wease!!" now answers "yeah" when I ask her questions. Ripped up Pinkalicious...again. At least it was a page I had already taped. Got up on Grandpa's lap the other day with a book and said, "" *Mommy: "Michaela - WHAT are you eating?" Michaela: "do do food." {do - do = dog.} Yes, she is the self-appointed carer of the dog (dogs when my parents dog came for a visit). Oh, it's just so adorable to watch her getting food for the dog...playing in the dog water...feeding Kammie food one nugget at a time...sitting on the floor with a box of bones feeding them to Kammie one bone at a time.... *Ava standing in my office door with an odd expression: "I'm peeing my pants right now. I just didn't know." You didn't know you had to pee? Ummm you are 4 and didn't you know that I wrote a post just a few days ago about how you haven't really had any accidents? Well, at least she had on the thick gerber training pants so no pee got on the floor. *I'm addicted to my slow cooker. Yesterday I made not 1 but 2 soups! One for dinner last night (chicken spaghetti soup) and 1 for Pete's lunch and dinner today (spiced lentil soup from a Prevention Slow Cooker book I picked up at Target the other day). Of course my jaw hurts, so I'm not eating well these days. I made the 2d soup and set it on low for 10 hours around 7 last night. By my calculations, it would switch to the "warm" setting around 5 a.m., Pete was leaving at 6:30 a.m., could get what he wanted for lunch (I even left him a tupperware dish AND a cup to get it out of the crock ... oh yeah, I so rocked Proverbs 31 last night...even made him ham sandwiches, apples and string cheese to go with the soup) and then turn off the crock. I came down around 8 this morning - soup smelled good - totally no burn smell...what do I see but the tupperware container empty. Hmmmm....what happened? Did he forget? I mean, it was sitting right in front of his pill dish (yeah, he's an old man). Then I lifted the lid and saw the desert that the top of my soup had become. Crap. Wait. Maybe if I stir it....presto. Stirred it, added a can of beef broth...put it in the fridge and hubby declared it delish at dinner. Me - I had Campbells tomato soup-to-go because I wore out my jaw yelling at kids today. Did I say yelling? I mean calmly talking to.....

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