Friday, September 4, 2009


One of Ava's favorite books is Pinkalicious - a Christmas gift from my Aunt Jan & Uncle Ray. We've read it countless times. Yesterday during "rest time" she pulled out the book and started reading it to herself. About half way through, I picked up the camera and started recording. Of course, she spotted me and then wanted me to record her "reading" the whole thing. Both versions are posted on youtube in my account ("lawmommy2") or you can access by clicking under "Mamastiks Movies" to the right. It's hilarious because she was trying to read with drama. The kid is not lacking in the self-confidence department. She draws constantly and yesterday started saying to me: "Who's the greatest artist?" Of course my response had to be "You are!" On another comical/dramatic Ava note - yesterday she came running up to me and says, "Mom! A HORRIBLE thing has happened! Come quick!" The horrible thing: Michaela colored on the glass of the entertainment center with glass. I guess that is horrible in the mind of a 3 year old.\ Happy Labor Day Weekend.

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