Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yep, she said that

One of my main purposes of blogging is to try to keep track of the minutia I might otherwise forget.   Such as:


"Is my heart behind my left boob or my right boob?"
"Dad, your coffee is stupendous."
Ava completely obsessed with having a sleepover with her cousins.  We had to create a calendar to count down the days.  She planned the events for the evening and packed her suitcase 10 days in advance.  What's even better than sleepovers in Ava-land?  Going to Michigan in 7, make that 6 days.
asked daddy:  "I know how Jesus gets into my heart, but how do we get into HIS heart?"
Ava is doing very well learning site words, as well as with her writing.  Hopefully she'll be reading by summer.


M:  "Woo Hoo!"  Mommy:  "Who taught you to say that?"  M:  "My mouth."
M can't make the "er" sound - she says "ee" as in "buttee"; "flowee"; "lettee"; etc. so cute

Bitee = diaper; bagee = garbage; prollaby = probably
She still teases me about my age...randomly looks at me and says "you 40" and laughs
loves Backyardigans and yells at me when I sing the theme song incorrectly
rolls her hands while singing the ABC song
The best, though, has to be her love of my cell phone.  Last week she picked it up flipped it to the side (which causes the key board to come up) and told me she was "looking at the lettees."  Then she starts tapping away, "I sending a text."  This is now common.  She picks up my phone, looks at me innocently as she taps away and says, "I'm texting."  She actually CRIES when I won't let her have my phone:  "I need to text!"  (Michaela - you are 2.  Who are you texting?)

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