Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random thoughts of a tired mommy

Day 2 of single mommyhood. Pete is at a BSA executive training conference in Lisle - they are putting him up in a hotel, so he is gone until Friday. Thank goodness I have sitters during the week so I can get a little break - even if it is to work.
Ava had her 2d day of "vocation bible school." She loves it. It's a really good program. She did have a bit of a meltdown at the end of the day because she lost the star bracelet that I told her not to wear. So, if anyone sees cheap 4th of July-type jewelry, let me know so I can pick-up a new bracelet.
Some cutey-pie things:
  • on the way to VBS Ava says, "Wow. My vocation bible school church is so tall. How did they get the cross on top of the steeple? Did they use glue?" Questions, questions, questions
  • A is doing well writing her name - usually she gets the letters in the right order. (she does a capital A and a lowercase a, so sometimes it's avA or vAa or Ava...usually depends on where she starts writing. If she runs out of room, the letters go where she can fit them)
  • Michaela continues with her singing. Occasionally when she sings in the car she plugs her ears while she sings...I guess this helps her to hear herself better.
  • M is also constantly putting on Ava's clothes (often left lying around the house because A changes clothes several times a day) - right now she's walking around in Ava's shorts. At least it's not her dirty underwear....

Finally, I am SO over Jon & Kate. One less show I "need" to watch.

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