Monday, June 29, 2009


Right now I'm totally exhausted and feel a cold coming on. Not fun since we are leaving for Michigan in just a few days. The girls both have little colds, too. To add to the fun, I'm sitting at my desk listening to my final CLE course (that's continuing legal education - a money-making scheme of legal education providers with judges in their back pockets. just my opinion). It's not like I don't do research on my own. I don't need to pay hundreds of dollars to listen to someone spend 4 hours telling me what I can read in about 20 minutes. Cest la vie.
The girls are good. My new adventure is learning how to deal with Michaela's eczema, which is getting increasingly worse. Poor thing. I got a book yesterday, so I plan to spend at least part of my vacation reading up on eczema to see if there is some type of "natural" (i.e., dietary) treatment for it. I'm working my way through creams (or "team" as M calls it) to see what is the best one for her.
Ava is Ava. She's just an awesome kid. She's very interested in how babies get into and out of a mommy's tummy. She asked me today if I had a baby in my tummy - nope just leftover Michaela house. She told Miss Jacki the other day that she (Miss Jacki) should get a baby in her tummy. She asked me yesterday how babies get out of the tummy. I've learned that with her it's just best to be straightforward to ward off any further questioning. So, I said, they come out of the mommy's "pee pee." beyond that, talk to Auntie Jill (who's a certified nurse midwife). She called Jill, Jill told her. She was satisfied and didn't ask again. As far as how babies get "into" the tummy, I stick with my "mommy and daddy have a lot of love for each other and the love spills over and makes a baby." The first time I told her this (about 3 months back or so) she said, "no really, how." She sporadically tries to get more information, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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