Monday, June 22, 2009

Beginning Again

I'm trying again. I'm a very delinquent blogger - my old posts can be found at I decided that I would really start fresh - new host, new name, same people. My main purpose is to share pictures and funny (and maybe not so funny) tales of my girls. (I should say "our girls," since although Pete won't write in this, he did have a part in producing said girls.) My almost-40-year-old-mommy-brain isn't remembering things well these days, and I truly want to keep track of the things the girls do. So sit back, have a cup of coffee and join us as we jump, dance & sing! (How's THAT for a tacky last sentence....)

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The Girls said...

Go Amy!

I am just phasing out of blogger, my new site is - not only does it seem you can do more (such as post a photo book!) but the people who read it can also order and download the pictures.

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