Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm sorry. Did you say 9?

This is Ava. Mommy loves her with all of her heart. Mommy does not love Ava's teeth. Ava likes to brush her teeth. A lot. Ava likes to use her "swish" (a/k/a Act kid's mouth rinse.) Ava even flosses every day...well almost every day. Ava visited the dentist not long ago...mommy discovered a broken tooth...or was it just a grossly misshapen tooth? Mommy hoped for the latter. Dentist #1 said Ava has 2 cavities and passed Ava along to a "pediatric" dentist. In December mommy took Ava to the "pediatric" dentist. This "pediatric" dentist would not let mommy go back with Ava. Mommy listened to Ava cry from the waiting room. Last night while reading a Mercer book called Going to the Dentist, Ava told mommy that the "man dentist" said, "If you don't stop crying, I'm going to knock out your tooth." Mommy's heart broke into little pieces. The "man dentist" told mommy that Ava had 4 cavities, and that she would need a gleaming silver crown on the broken tooth. Doesn't every 4 year old girl want a pirate tooth to go with her princess gowns and tiaras? The "man dentist" said that he would fix the cavities and give Ava her pirate tooth in 2 visits after administering "laughing gas." That made mommy laugh. In January mommy took Ava to a different dentist. Dr. Nice Lady said that the "man dentist" did not take the x-rays properly. That is why Ava was crying. The x-rays were blurry. Dr. Nice Lady said she was pretty sure there were 4 cavities. Dr. Nice Lady and mommy decided that the best course of action would be for Ava to take a nice nap while the cavities were filled. Dr. Nice Lady also said that she does not give children pirate teeth. Mommy was happy. Last Tuesday mommy and Auntie Jill took Ava to Dr. Nice Lady to have her cavities filled. Auntie Kelly's friend administered the stinky sock mask that helped Ava take a little nap. Mommy and Auntie Jill waited...and waited...and waited. After an hour, Dr. Nice Lady's helper came out to talk to mommy. She showed mommy the new x-rays that Dr. Nice Lady had taken and began to point to spots. Mommy lost count. There were...let's see...nine cavities. Yes, nine...9...nueve. Mommy could not understand how one could get 9 cavities. Ava's only had these teeth for about 2-3 years. She even brushes her teeth! Mommy brushes Ava's teeth, too! Apparently Ava has icky bacteria in her mouth that makes her more prone to cavities. After two hours Ava was done. Her teeth were fixed. Now Ava brushes and swishes 3 times a day. Mommy and daddy hope the second teeth are much stronger than the baby teeth. This is Ava after she REALLY woke up from anesthesia.