Friday, November 13, 2009

It's all work...

Working is a good thing, I guess. It puts money in the bank and keeps us a little saner and less worried. It also makes me so busy that I have little time for blog maintenance. I've cut back on my blog reading, too. What seemed fun at first is now just a little annoying. Who do these bloggers think they are, telling me what products I should buy...ha ha . The paid ads are a little annoying, too. Some of the products reviewed were given for free - my opinion is if you couldn't afford it yourself to begin with, then you shouldn't be reviewing it and telling others to buy it. I've culled my list of "blogs I read," and left only the ones I really like. Most are by my friends who are going through way more trying times than I am. Please check out Grace for the Journey and pray for my friend Adrienne and her family. Maybe this weekend I'll get an hour to update on the girls....Michaela is a word wizard now. The best is probably calling Ava a beast when Ava is being...well, Ava. Let's just say that the "sharing" lessons have not kicked in. Michaela is a great sharer, Ava...not so much. I do love watching them wrestle, though. Who needs boys! Here are some pictures from Ava's 4th birthday (butterfly party @ jill-jill's house...jill's birthday, too) and halloween.

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