Friday, July 17, 2009

My Kiki - what planet does she live on?

Michaela (a/k/a "Kiki") is 1 1/2 now. It's so fun to see her personality develop. She is a riot. She loves to tease her sister...Ava gets annoyed...Michaela laughs. She's also chattering up a storm. Almost overnight she began speaking in sentences. The usual: "Where my daddu?" "Daddu" is her daddy...the love of her life. Talk about a kid having her dad wrapped around her finger. Although it's hard to say no when she's got her head cocked to the side batting her big blue eyes at you. She's also quite the singer. She carries a tune pretty well for a baby...yes, she's still my baby. Her favorite is "Twinkle Twinkle." She's almost got all of the words down pat. Sometimes she makes up her own words. My personal favorite is the "momma dadda" song. My niece (who will be 2 in a month) sings, too...maybe they'll do duets someday. She's so different from Ava in a lot of ways - if Ava falls, gets hurt, etc. while doing something, she tends to get back up and do it again. (after the tears are dry, of course). Yesterday Michaela fell down the stairs and now she won't go down herself. She looks down from the top and says, "fall down," and holds her arms up to me for a lift. She also thinks fingerpainting is "ack." She definitely does not like being messy. Highlights of Michaela's current words:

  • Daddu gone bye bye...stands at the front door when he leaves for work craning her neck to see him until he rounds the curve
  • Mama...tickle [holding up her arm]...again
  •" (over and over until she gets one)
  • Cook-cook = cookie
  • She says "cheese" and gives a big grin every time she sees a camera. Of course, then I have to take her picture
  • We are going through a throwing phase, so she says "no throw." Yesterday I threw a diaper at Pete and she looks at me and says, "No throw!" Busted.
  • The best, though had to be when she was trying to convince me to let her nurse. She looked at me with her pretty blue eyes and said in her sweetest voice: "I no bite you, momma" Such love. Of course, she's also a "food" critic since at times when she's nursing she complains that it's too "hot"...signs "hot and then blows on my boob.
  • READ! with a book thrust into your lap
  • she gets her shoes...and my shoes (or Pete's) and says "side...side," which means outside. She also gets shoes when she wants to go "bye-bye" or go on the bike "BIKE! BIKE!" That is daddu's job. She repeats just about everything you say to her. Like a little parrot following behind. I guess I better watch my mouth. ha ha ha.

As for Ava, she's just full of questions. About a year ago she learned her planets from a chart given to her by Auntie Kelly for Christmas (yeah, and Uncle Steve, too). Right now she's reviewing (relearning) her planets, so its constant questions: what planet do we live on? What planet is Michigan on? What planet does kiki live on? Do people live on Jupiter? Why not? The best, though, was when she was pestering me about how babies get out of the tummy. I had her call Auntie Jill, who explained it to her with medical precision. 'nough said. She left that one alone.

Yesterday Ava gave me a piece of paper with "hi" written on it. She's teaching herself to write. Yes, I feel slight guilt because I'm not sitting down with her teaching her how to write new letters. But, she sees them and writes them...doing fine on her own. Homeschooling will be a breeze! Yeah right.

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