Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Girl talk

One of the purposes of my blog is so that I can record cute things the girls say (well, I think they are cute)
  • Ava: Momma, I really don't like red caterpillars like the ones that I saw at Grandma Barb's. I only like the yellow caterpillars with the black spots. So, I am going to ask God to get rid of all of the red caterpillars. (7/8/09)
  • Michaela: In one of her attempts to convince me to let her nurse..."I no bite you." (7/7/09)
  • Ava has started to add this phrase to things that she tells me/Pete: "and that is the truth!" Can you tell we've had a few issues with lying?
I'm sure there will be more later....

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