Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dog feeder

Michaela has been disciplined countless times for playing in the dog food, eating the dog food, carrying the dog food around the house. She's been doing this for months. At first she would sit in the bathroom and watch Kammie eat - trying a few nibbles for herself. Then she started opening the cabinet to get to the dog food to fill the dish (removing the "lock" had had on the door to get into it - so much for childproofing....). She has progressed to carrying the dog food to another room in the house - presumably to hid from me - and holding it while Kammie eats. Sometimes she holds the food in her hand...sometimes she just holds the dish. I finally gave up on the whole disciplining thing. I mean really, who does it hurt? My initial concern was the dog biting her or something, but it seems Kammie really likes it. She's also allergic to dogs. Poor kid. She gets hives if she gets licked. But, she's really cute, loves animals, and insists that it's her job to feed the dog. One less thing I need to do, I guess.
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Adrienne in Ohio said...

Henry is allergic to dogs as well, the same thing happens with the hives if the dog licks him. I thought that we would never have a dog because of that, but if you guys are managing, maybe I should look into it.

Mamastiks said...

I actually got the dog right around the time I met Pete. It's a cairn terrier, which is supposed to be an ok breed for allergies. We found out that M is allergic earlier this summer. Fortunately, the dog fur does not seem to bother her breathing. Just the hives from licking. I felt so bad when the doc said she was allergic b/c she just loves the dog...all dogs. There are some "good" dogs for allergies. I think a Jack Russell terrier one. A friend and her husband have 2 - both are very allergic to dogs, and they are fine.